We have two distinct partnership programs. One dedicated to social influencers, publishers and content creator looking to monetize their online content. The second partnership program is dedicated to hospitality professionals, concierges and travel agents looking to profit from booking our experiences.



After you create a partner account, you will earn commissions for each booking you do on behalf of your guests or each referral you send our way that translates into a booking. Commission fees are set by experience providers and can be based on a percentage of the reservation total amount of a fox amount per booked guest.



There are no minimum quotas nor maximum payouts. We pay our partners using PayPal on the 25th of each month, a minimum balance of $25.00 is required to process a payout.

How does the partnership program works?

Partnerships are the cornerstone of our success.

Concierges/Booking Agents: We can track your bookings when you are logged in into THE JOYLAB’s as a partner and you book an experience on behalf of your guests. Also if you provide your guest with your promotional code (we will give you one when you create your account), and the guest uses the code to book his/her experience.

Content creators/Publishers: Once your partner account is activated we will provide you with a unique code and easy links that you can use in your content to refer your users to our experiences. Referrals to THE JOYLAB are not limited to any specific platform. If you have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, a blog/site or group of sites, you can earn a referral fee with each booking as part of our Partnership Program.