Dallas Best Patios

Fall Edition

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Cocktails through Science & Art

We’ve all been in this situation: You order a drink and what you receive is lackluster. Too sour, too sweet, or the worst, you can taste the alcohol above anything else. Mixology bars look to eliminate the possibility of a dissatisfying drink by re-imagining classic cocktails.

Stay Social

Bars aren’t just watering holes anymore, they’re a place for new and unique experiences with friends. If you haven’t heard of The Social House in Uptown, you’re missing out. This place has it all with over 50 beers on top, an inside and outside bar, and a patio with a backyard type of atmosphere.

5 Fall Hangouts You Shouldn't Miss

Dallas has a lot to offer when it comes to bars and pubs. "The Big D" is filled with amazing spots waiting to be discovered. Here are a few of our usual hangout this fall with recommendation on what to get from the menu when you visit.

The Best Dallas Patio Joints for Fall

Fall is quickly approaching, which means the perfect weather to grab a spot outside with a drink and good company. Whether you’re looking for a shaded hangout, the comfort of a big crowd, killer food, or all of the above, here are the best patio gems in Dallas.