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Oswald Rooming House - Museum Tour

A unique opportunity to chat with Patricia Hall who knew Oswald and tour the boarding house where he was staying at the time of the JFK assassination.

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Host: Patricia Puckett Hall

Over the years I realized that there was much more to this case than the world knew. I have a unique perspective to the JFK Assassination story. This house is my inheritance and legacy. I am determined to honor the history of my family.

How Long: One and a half hours tour/chat

What we’ll do

This experience includes a chat with Patricia Hall and a private tour of the Rooming House where Oswald was staying at the time of JFK assassination.

Where we will meet

We will meet at Oswald Rooming House Museum located on 1026 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, TX 75203 See Map

What we will provide

On Nov. 22, 1963, the United States was jolted by one of the most shocking, transformative events in its history, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy as his motorcade rode through the streets of Dallas. This experience provides access to Pat Hall, who as a child knew Oswald. We will also have exclusive access to Ms. Hall property, which used to be the rooming house Lee Harvey was staying at the time of the President assassination. 

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Featured Reviews

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    An experience in itself

    Patricia Puckett-Hall is the daughter of the housekeeper who rented out to Lee Harvey Oswald during JFK assassination in 1963. The house is preserved as it was then, so we can get a glimpse of Oswald's life at the time he is said to have killed President John F. Kennedy. Patricia is cordial and told us about her interactions with Lee Harvey Oswald. This became a “must see” attraction for us.

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    Get the personal touch of the JFK Story

    Pat is an amazing hostess. She lived in the home as a little girl when Lee Harvey Oswald was there. She will tell personal stories of him. You can see the room he lived in and hear the account of the family when the Authorities showed up to claim all the effects. It is a great personal touch for anyone interested in the story of the JFK story and Oswald's involvement.

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    Authentic, startling experience

    This is one of the best tours I have ever taken. I’ve always been a history buff and especially when it comes to conspiracies. Pat has lest the home basically as it was back in 1963. She takes time to show you different items around the house and the history of them. She shows you Oswald’s room and you can touch his this items. The best part of it all is after she shows you everything you all sit down in the same living room that “Mr. Lee” did and just talk. You ask questions and she will answer all of them. It’s just simply amazing that as a young girl (around 11-12) remembers and can tell the stories that she does. Well worth time!

    Also, this house is still privately owned and has some structural issues that she is trying to get fixed. She does have a Gofundme account set up, if anyone can help.

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    Lee H. Oswald slept here

    Patricia Puckett-Hall now allows tours in her home, which at one time was a rooming house. In November of 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald was renting a small room within this house.

    The furniture and contents of this home are fortunately preserved, so we can get a glimpse of Oswald's life at the time he is said to have killed President John F. Kennedy. This house is mentioned several times in the Warren Commission Testimony of several individuals, who were interviewed following the assassination.

    During my visit to this house, I was fortunate enough to speak to Patricia Puckett-Hall. She was very cordial and told me about her interactions with Lee Harvey Oswald, which gave me some insight into his personality.

    For anyone interested in the assassination of JFK, this is a “must see” attraction.

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    "Untouched" since the 1960s

    Managed to visit here just before leaving for the airport and I'm so glad I did! Pat was just delightful and so interesting to talk to.

    Took photos of me in Oswald's room and answered all my questions. Quite an eerie feeling to step back in time and I'm so glad that this is a place that people can visit. Booking in advance recommended. I booked the night before for 1:30pm the next day and they rescheduled it via email for 3pm. Be prepared to be a little flexible as it is her home, but the visit is totally worth it! Thanks Pat for adding a wonderful experience to my time in Dallas, I'll never forget it and highly recommend to others that they take the time to do this.

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